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I'm OK with faking this. [entries|friends|calendar]
You're to die for.

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[07/29/05   at   8:35pm]
I delete and undelete this journal all the time.

I undelete to look at the people I no longer see; and delete because I want to put the pain behind me.

What the fuck? This is so gay. I try to talk to you all the time. I have my finger on the button and I could tell you everything I feel right now if I knew you cared. Or thought you cared. I look at your journal and read your thoughts, I look at your pictures and see how much you've changed but stayed the same. FUCK this hurts. I really miss you. I miss telling you everything in just a few pages of a notebook.
Sometimes I wish you'd tell me you miss me, and that you wish we were close-friends again, just surprise me out of the blue and I could cry and tell you how much I missed you too. But, why can't I do that first?

If I did, would you cry? Would you spit in my face and tell me to fuck off? Would you feel the same?
If I came up to you and gave you a hug...would you hug me back?
Would you kiss me on the cheek and smile like you used to?
Remember when we were happy together?
I miss you so fackin' much, I've got my finger on the trigger can you hear the click? Would you remember the songs and the places and the words?
I do.
I really do...and they won't go away.

and it hurts.
I've got too many questions....bah this entry was a waste. Well, Robbie will be reading so..*waves*.

yeah the end.
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[04/05/05   at   5:49am]
Yeah, I'm deleting this journal tonight.

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[01/03/04   at   3:54pm]

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[12/23/03   at   11:30pm]

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